IAB amends strategy to better engage agencies

Posted on: Tuesday 25 July 2017

IAB UK has announced that all agency members will now be invited to attend IAB events for free.

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Previously, agency members could attend certain smaller seminars and events complementarily whilst receiving a discounted rate for larger IAB events including its flagship Engage conference. The new benefit kicks in from 26 July, 2017 for all media and creative agency members and means charges to attend events will be waived for both brand advertisers and now for agencies.

The IAB provides a voice for the UK’s digital advertising industry and works with its members – including advertisers, agencies, media owners and tech/data providers – to ensure that they have the resources needed to grow and champion the medium.

Jon Mew, IAB CEO said, “Digital is the best way to reach and wow people, and agencies are doing brilliant things in this space.”

The IAB’s mission is to create the right environment for digital advertising to thrive. Digital advertising is the fastest-growing ad medium in the UK, worth £10.3bn in 2016, accounting for 48% of the total UK ad market.

The IAB formed 20 years ago, predating the registration of Google’s domain. “Digital has grown and its capabilities are consistently evolving. Right now, the industry needs a trade body that can address issues and champion successes that push digital forward,” Mew said. 

He added, “We can’t do this if we focus on just the ad-tech side of the industry. We need to work with agencies that have the best minds in the business, progressive and brave marketers and collaborative media owners to collectively create the right environment for digital advertising to thrive. We spent time listening to what agencies want, and for them, one of the best parts of the IAB is our events; Engage inspires, seminars provide deep dives into specific topics and IAB’s exclusive Leadership Summit brings leaders together to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. Opening the doors and removing the barriers is the best thing we can do for agencies.”

In addition to free events, the IAB’s goal in re-engaging with agencies is to have more buy-side representation in councils, which consist of industry leaders across a range of verticals and disciplines working together to produce educational publications, best practice guidelines, standards, events, research and policies, and to create exclusive Chatham House Rules roundtables as a place for key decision makers in agencies to come together to solve pressing issues that face their clients. 

For agencies, the IAB brings together more than 700 of the UK’s biggest advertisers and brands. Members also benefit from networking with a hub of digital media professionals, access to award-winning research demonstrating the effectiveness of digital and providing compelling facts perfect for client and new business pitches, the ability to speak, sponsor and attend any of the IAB’s unrivalled event programmes, discounts on bespoke training courses and workshops that are CPD accredited, as well as the opportunity to shape the industry by participating in IAB Councils. 

Agency members simply need to sign in to www.iabuk.com to book their free ticket to any IAB event and can reach out to [email protected] with any problems. For more information on membership benefits, visit https://iabuk.com/benefits-tiers.

Please note - a limited number of tickets for agencies will be available for each IAB conference. 


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