Creative Pick: Kenzo by Spike Jonze

Posted on: Tuesday 04 October 2016 | Caroline Manson

In the third in the IAB’s Creative Pick blog series, Caroline Manson, Marketing Manager at IAB UK, explains how breaking the rules can work.

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Recently, The Drum ran a poll asking people what they’re most annoying ad stereotypes were – if you want to see the full list (and have a little chuckle) check out the #adstereotypes hashtag on Twitter. Many of them were about bumbling, useless dads, or swooshing hair, but the top one was really caught my eye. Perfume ads. Here’s what a few of you had to say:

  • my #adstereotypes pet peeve is scantily clad women rolling on the floor/bed to advertise perfume (@Kate_Dickenson)
  • when everything from yogurts to holidays to perfume are narrated by a woman in a seductive whisper #adstereotypes (@PK_Anderson) 
  • A-list actors looking overly glamorous & pouty with soft lighting - always ends up being a lame perfume ad #adstereotypes (@thecassiecass) 

It seems we as an ad industry are fed up with perfume ads. A woman walking through a crowded room, dark mood lighting mostly shot out of focus, and then almost kissing some man in a suit…

Well, boy did Kenzo throw this rule book out of the window recently. You may have seen this campaign – it came out at the end of August and already has 3.4M views. It starts with a pretty woman, Margaret Qualley, in black tie, at some event. Ok, so far pretty standard, but then… She makes her excuses, goes outside, and then “Mutant brain” by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin starts playing. She suddenly breaks out into some crazy dance, running around the venue, having a play-fight with some random man, shooting lasers from her fingers and then jumping through a giant eye. 

Its crazy. Absolutely mental. There is no grace, its not a woman gliding along a hallway covered in diamonds with a French voice-over. It’s just a normal girl dancing to a pretty cool track and being a bit weird. And it’s gone down a storm. People love it. It’s the sort of ad that gets better every time you watch it, so if you have a spare 4 minutes check it out, or as @ericjstolze said on Twitter “Fun Fact: This Spike Jonze perfume ad is an hour long if you watch it 25 times in a row”.

So thank you Kenzo, you’ve proved that all perfume ads don’t have to be the same. Being different works. 

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Written by

Caroline Manson

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