"Despite being part of the lives of half the global population, there has been little innovation or big thinking around periods in 80 years,” wrote The Guardian in 2017. Yet even then, the femcare market was worth over $30bn.

Callaly has capitalised on this opportunity by inventing a new period product and giving women more choice. The Independent has since called Callaly one of the “period-positive startups revolutionising the multi-billion femcare industry” and the Evening Standard wrote: “Innovation was severely lacking until Callaly came along.”  Callaly is also further disrupting the femcare industry through its direct-to-consumer model, which allows customers to mix and match their organic cotton femcare products and have them delivered through the letterbox in sync with their menstrual cycle. 

As the UK’s first femcare BCorp, Callaly is committed to using business as a force for good, donating at least 1% of revenues to charities supporting women, as well as creating empowering content and ads to help bust the historic menstruation taboo.

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