Simpozio is an advanced digital platform for experience marketing and audience engagement tailored for businesses demanding hi-end tech capabilities and tools.

Simpozio provides technologies and services for commercial events of any scale, including ​super-events with huge audiences like conferences, exhibitions, sporting events, gigs, art performances, TV/radio shows, etc.

Simpozio focuses on the following key areas:
— Full-cycle Experience Journey Management
— Intelligent solutions for the supreme audience experiences
— Awareness & engagement boost via digital channels
— Engagement tracking and rich analytics supplied by intensive data collection

Simpozio provides a universal cloud-based framework for managing numerous aspects of automated experience marketing and event management, such as:
— Digital content and interactive activations
— Personal journeys and experience management
— Recommendations and matchmaking
— Omni-channel marketing campaigns
— Communication management
— Social networking
— Booking and ticketing
— Commercial operations for selling goods and services


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