Whalar is liberating the creative voice by connecting brands and creators with influence. Our model commissions and produces high quality creative work, accesses engaged audiences, and gains diverse consumer insights—with global scale and cost efficiency.

The quality of creative, cost efficiency, and scalability of our approach is what or our clients find most impressive, so check it out:

Whalar Creative Book: Vol 1 or our website.

Our mission is to 'Liberate the creative voice'.

  • our  Chairman is Sir John Hegarty, one of the worlds most awarded creators and our focus is all on creativity.
  • we're an official partner of Facebook,  Instagram and Snap, giving us unrivaledaccess to data and insights.
  • in under 2 years we have built up a client list that includes Apple, Nestle, Uber, Unilever, Dior, PepsiCo, Estee Lauder and hundreds of others.

Why digital advertising works

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