Smadex has completed our Transparency FAQS, which you can view hereIncreased transparency in the digital advertising supply chain is important as this makes it easier for buyers to understand where value is added and in turn reward those companies that add most value. Find out more here.

Smadex is the leading mobile-first programmatic solution for branding and performance marketers. We address the challenges and concerns of marketers by providing a fully transparent platform built on strong technology, countless programmatic management features and powerful machine learning algorithms that focus on achieving real outcomes.

Advertisers can access global consumers on the highest quality brand safe and viewable inventory at scale, and capture attention using strong and engaging ad formats to drive performance sales and brand metrics. Smadex partners with the leading third party platforms to provide the most innovative solutions and independent measurement.

Our open platform can easily plug and play with any new external partners. Smadex is a technology company led by engineering and data science, working with agencies and direct clients across the globe.

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.