Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is a small charity doing big things in the Yorkshire Dales. We help to look after some of the most spectacular and precious landscapes in England, and support the communities that live here.

  • We work to conserve and restore native habitats and wildlife - like wildflower-rich meadows, wetlands and broadleaf woodlands.
  • Our projects safeguard and celebrate the special landscape and its unique heritage – from limestone caves to dry stone walls.
  • We work in an enabling way, delivering grants programmes & supporting local people to achieve their own projects.
  • Our work with young people is helping to create a generation of people who care about the environment – with inspiring events, educational activities and a rural apprenticeship scheme.   

We love the Yorkshire Dales and we want others to love it too. So we work hard to make sure people from all backgrounds can discover, enjoy and understand this special area. In this way we hope to inspire them to help look after it in future. Visit our website www.ydmt.org to find out more. 

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