NHS marks 70th birthday with new mobile app

Posted on: Monday 09 July 2018

To coincide with the 70th anniversary of the start of the NHS, a new mobile app has been launched for patients to access the health service in a brand new way.

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A new mobile app has been launched by the NHS to coincide with its 70th anniversary last week (July 5th).

The smartphone app enables patients to access appointment booking services and allows them to order repeat prescriptions without having to contact their GP surgery in person or over the phone.

Patients will also be able to view the information held in their medical file by their doctor, and they'll have access to the 111 health advice service at the touch of a few buttons.

All of this should help to make the health service much more accessible, as the morning rush to book appointments is currently a major source of frustration to many.

Jeremy Hunt, the UK's health and social care secretary, commented: "As the NHS turns 70 and we draw up a long-term plan for the NHS on the back of our £394 million a week funding boost, it's time to catch up and unleash the power of technology to transform everyday lives for patients."

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