Media consumption via mobile continues to grow rapidly

Posted on: Thursday 31 May 2018

More than one-quarter of global media will be consumed via mobile by 2020, meaning brands need to be concentrating on mobile marketing now.

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Over one-quarter (28 per cent) of all global media will be consumed via mobile devices as of 2020, new predictions suggest.

Zenith has published a new report that estimates the average person will spend 479 minutes consuming media in some form each day this year, with mobile media consumption currently accounting for 24 per cent of the overall total and rapidly overtaking other media such as TV, radio and newspapers.

However, this is set to increase further over the next two years, meaning brands need to make sure their digital content is optimised for mobile and that mobile users are at the heart of their campaign strategies if they don't want to miss out on such a significant segment of the market.

Vittorio Bonori, global brand president at Zenith, commented: "By using data, ad tech and now artificial intelligence, brands can coordinate their communications across media and mindsets to move them along the consumer journey most effectively."

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