LED light bulbs: The future of Wi-Fi?

O2 is exploring how it can use LED light bulb-powered tech known as pureLiFi to innovatively provide wireless internet connections to its customers in future.

Could LED light bulbs be the future of wireless internet connections? That's what network provider O2 is currently exploring, as part of a new partnership with tech company pureLifi, which formed from the University of Edinburgh.

O2 is working with pureLifi to see how energy-efficient light bulbs can be used to transmit large amounts of data when their brightness is adjusted with the innovative Lifi technology. This trial forms part of O2's venture into 5G connections, which look set to be the most experimental internet connections yet.

If successful, this technology has the potential to make WiFi connections greener, and would demonstrate how everyday objects could be used to power the internet in the future.

Derek McManus, chief operating officer at O2, commented: "Our Lifi trial shows how you can deliver high-speed connectivity to customers in new ways and is another example of how we're future-proofing our network as we pave the way for 5G in the UK."

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