KLM offers virtual reality experiences of its top destinations

The KLM iFly platform allows travellers to explore far away destinations without leaving the comfort of their own home

Dutch national carrier KLM is offering customers a unique experience in the form of a new virtual reality (VR) platform called iFly.

It enables travellers to enjoy a near-lifelike journey to far off places and inspire them to discover more of the world.

So far, three editions of the VR show have been created, each one hosted by Kiran Jethwa, who has been dubbed the ‘fearless chef’.

In the first one, Jethwa travels to the jungle in Thailand in search of some extraordinary coffee beans and encounters some inquisitive elephants along the way.

All of this is realised in 360 degrees, bringing it to life in a way that 2D formats or travel brochures never can.

Boet Kreiken, executive vice president of customer experience at KLM, said: “By introducing virtual reality, KLM is again blazing a new trail to inspire people and give them the ultimate experience.

“Our digital iFly magazine reaches millions of people. With the help of iFly, we are constantly looking for new ways to inspire people to discover the world.”

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