Jon Mew congratulates Government following General Election

Posted on: Friday 13 December 2019 | by Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

Following yesterday’s General Election, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Government on their majority win. At the IAB, we look forward to continuing to work closely with the incoming ministerial team at DCMS to ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising.

From the perspective of the digital advertising industry, our priorities are now to see a smooth exit negotiated from the EU, which maintains data flows between the UK and other countries and minimises economic impact. To our members, my advice is to continue to prepare for all eventualities – drawing on the support of our Brexit Hub and government resources. If you have any specific concerns, do get in touch.

In addition, maintaining a consistent and coordinated approach to regulation is crucial. Our advice to the new Government it to draw together ongoing work by regulators into a coherent strategy that supports the industry as a whole, recognising the critical role that self and co-regulation play in such an innovative and fast-moving industry. 

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by Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

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