Helping our members prepare for Apple’s IDFA changes

Posted on Friday 16 April 2021 | IAB UK

From webinars to the work of our Mobile & In-App Group, get up to speed on the resources that can help your business navigate Apple’s IDFA changes

Following Apple’s launch of iOS 14.5, what resources and support are available to help your business navigate IDFA changes? Apple’s changes provide users with the option to block the IDFA identifier at the app level, meaning apps are required to ask users for permission to collect and share data. This is likely to have a significant impact on ad targeting and measurement across app environments on Apple products and so it is important that, as an industry, we understand the impact of the changes and effectively communicate with app users.

We have several resources and workstreams available to our members, that can help you navigate these changes and feed into wider industry discussions on the topic.


IAB UK Webinars

We have hosted a number of webinars relating to the IDFA changes, including… 

  • An introduction to the proposed changes with a panel of in-app experts. Hear about what losing the IDFA could mean for marketers and what data-driven marketing might look like in the near future across app environments

  • The latest advice in regards to opt-in rates and ensuring your use of data is sustainable. Hear Adjust discuss ‘What’s next for mobile?’ at our January in-app webinar 

  • IAB France on its efforts to counter Apple’s proposed changes

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On Tuesday 4 May, we will be bringing together a panel of experts from across our membership to help you understand the impact of Apple's changes and provide advice and tools for ensuring the continued success of your in-app advertising. Sign up for the event here

IAB UK Mobile & In-App Group

The aim of the Mobile & In-App Group is to continue to grow the in-app market through explaining the workings, unique strengths, and nuances of the in-app channel. With the changes that will inevitably be coming to targeting and measurement across these environments, the group will be the primary vehicle through which we discuss and articulate how the industry should prepare for the future. At our next session we will look into the possibility of creating guidance around maximising opt-in rates, and will discuss how the group’s members are using strategies such as contextual targeting and conversion modelling to ensure that brands can remain confident in their in-app strategies. 

Please reach out to [email protected] to find out more.


From IAB members

To understand what the changes to Apple’s iOS look like, and how this will impact advertisers, you can read a short introduction to the subject, submitted by Blis, here.

For an actionable checklist of the steps you should take, you can view a submission from MOLOCO here.

You can read Facebook’s view on what the changes mean, particularly for small businesses, here.


Project Rearc

Following the announcement and movement towards the removal of identifiers in web and app environments, IAB Tech Lab set up Project Rearc as a global call to action for the industry to jointly re-architect digital marketing to continue to support key industry functions in a way that balances consumer privacy.

Project Rearc are industry developed standards that invites input and collaboration from all stakeholders from across the industry. The proposed standards for Project Rearc are currently available for public comment. Read more about the proposed standards and ways to get involved or comment.

If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts about any of the above, please do get in touch

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