Google expanded text ads go live

Posted on: Tuesday 26 July 2016

Google has now launched extra-long, double-headline ads.

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Yesterday (July 26th) saw the official launch of Google's new expanded text ads (ETAs), which can include up to 80 characters, as well as two headlines with up to 30 characters each.

These are set to replace standard text ads, which will continue to be used until October 26th. At this point, they will no longer be able to be created or uploaded, although the exact date that existing ads will run until is yet to be confirmed by the search giant.

The extended copy has been designed specifically with mobile users in mind so they can be given more information from their searches. Early tests showed an increase in click through rate of 20 per cent, while Robert Spears, digital marketing director for Guitar Center, cited a two-fold increase in click through rate on non-branded campaigns.

In addition to ETAs, the availability of device bidding and responsive display ads for native have also been rolled-out, although the rollout of separate device bidding will take a few months to reach all accounts.

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