Glitter showers and bounce rooms: How Benefit launched its latest foundation

Benefit launched its new foundation via the Hello Happy House, a specially curated space for make-up fans to relax, have fun and get covered in sparkle

Cosmetics brand Benefit marked the launch of its new foundation by publicly tying into the concepts of wellness and self-care with a pop-up event titled the Hello Happy House.

Taking place over the course of two days in London last week, the Hello Happy House provided a space where make-up lovers could relax, unleash some energy in a 'bounce room', play classic funfair games or be showered in glitter.

All of these activities were designed to provide people with an escape from the stresses of modern life, with Benefit demonstrating how its products and taking the time to relax or have some silly fun can bring a little extra happiness into busy people's lives.

Speaking to Campaign Live, Dom Franks, director at The Persuaders - which teamed up with Benefit to bring the Hello Happy House to life - commented: "There's a big zeitgeist at the moment for happiness and wellbeing.

"This project in particular is about creating an hour of fun and happiness for people to come and have a bit of joy out of their day."

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