Dairylea challenges families to do cheesy dares

Dairylea is fully integrating its Dareylea campaign with online videos and social media content to get more families engaged in silly activities.


Cheese brand Dairylea is temporarily changing its name to Dareylea as part of a new campaign putting it at the heart of fun family experiences. A total of eight million packets of Dairylea have been given the rebranding, which hit the shelves on May 13th, underlining the tagline “Feed the Fun”. Asking families to get outside, leave their comfort zone and enjoy some good old-fashioned wholesome fun, the cheese makers have added: “We Dareylea You!”

Each of the packs has been furnished with a number of cheesy dares designed to help parents reconnect with their inner child and engage more with their own kids. Among the suggestions to get adults expressing their silly sides are jumping in puddles and dangling from trees. As well as the promotional packs, the campaign is fully integrated with digital activity, including online videos and social media content.

Patrick Bochet, marketing director at Dairylea’s parent company Mondelēz, said: “This bold campaign encourages people to reconnect to their inner child in a fun and original way, which feels perfectly in keeping with the Dairylea brand. We can’t wait to see how people respond to our dares.” This latest campaign comes in the wake of Dairylea’s previous slogan, which was “Kids will do anything for Dairylea”. It builds on the reputation the brand has developed over the years, staying true to its heritage and adding an interactive element.

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