BBC to launch Own It, a new website for 9 to 12-year-olds

Posted on: Tuesday 05 December 2017

The BBC's new website for pre-teens, Own It, will officially launch on Wednesday December 6th.

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The BBC has unveiled a brand new website, aimed specifically at children aged between nine and 12.

Some £34 million is to be invested in developing the broadcaster's children's services over the next three years, with new programmes set to be commissioned alongside the launch of the new website, which will be taking place tomorrow (Wednesday December 6th).

To be known as Own It, the website will feature content relating to CBBC and CBeebies programmes, as well as issues affecting children, including advice on navigating the web safely.

The main aim of Own It is to ensure that pre-teens can get what they want from the internet but with minimal risks.

Tony Hall, director-general of the BBC, explained that the new website has been developed in line with expert advice from doctors and academics to ensure that it is as safe as possible for young users.

He said that questions taken into account during the development process included: "Is there a right age for children to give informed consent for their data to be used online?", as well as: "What responsibility should organisations have to make sure their platform is right for the age range that are really using it?"

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