#BackdontBlock campaign to support journalism launches

Posted on: Thursday 02 April 2020 | IAB UK

Led by the UK’s news brands, the campaign aims to change advertisers’ use of keyword blocking during the COVID-19 outbreak, as the industry predicts it will lose £50 million

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The UK’s newspaper publishers, co-ordinated by trade body Newsworks and supported by industry bodies including IAB UK, have joined forces to call on advertisers to support quality journalism during the COVID-19 crisis.

With people turning to digital news brands to stay up-to-date with the fast evolving situation, demand for quality, accurate reporting is surging. However, advertisers’ use of keyword blocklists is preventing ads from being served alongside this content. 

As a result, Newsworks predicts that the industry will lose £50 million if the pandemic continues for another three months. The campaign was launched via an open letter in newspapers. Read it here

In January, IAB UK launched a Content Verification Guide, created in partnership with other trade bodies and content verification tool providers, to provide advertisers with practical advice on keyword blocking. Download it here.

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