IAB UK launches principles to address Ad Blocking

The IAB believes in an ad funded internet so that publishers can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available at little or no cost to the consumer. We believe ad blocking undermines this approach. 

However, an important part of this is listening to consumer feedback and IAB UK research shows that 15% of online adults are using Ad Blocking software. We take this seriously and we understand that when consumers encounter poor user experience online this will lead them to block ads. Because of this we are launching a range of measures to address Ad Blocking and to promote a better user experience.

To coincide with IAB Engage today and led by the IAB Tech Lab we are launching the L.E.A.N. Ads program. Supported by IABs around the world, L.E.A.N. stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads. These are the principles that will help guide the next phases of advertising technical standards for the global digital advertising supply chain.

L.E.A.N. Ads do not replace the current advertising standards many consumers still enjoy and engage with while consuming content on sites across all connected devices. These best practice principles will guide an additional set of standards that provide choice for marketers, content providers, and consumers.

We will also work with our members to address other areas of consumer frustration, such as frequency capping on retargeting in Ad Tech and the volume of ads per page.

We’re commited to listening to consumer feedback and to making the user experience better and more enjoyable. The L.E.A.N standards announced today at IAB Engage, along with the Ad Blocking FAQs are useful first steps in helping the industry with this issue.

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