Adobe was key to personalised ads during the Olympics

Posted on: Tuesday 06 September 2016

Dynamic ad insertion was led by Adobe during Rio 2016.

During the Olympic Games this year, NBC teamed up with Adobe to produce dynamic ad insertion, which meant that ads were personalised for each viewer during live or on-demand programming.

With 50 million viewers livestreaming over 3.4 billion minutes of content during the 2016 Olympics, this was no small task. In fact, according to Adobe it was the first live linear ad replacement for every screen - which included more than ten platforms - for a live broadcast with millions of viewers.

Campbell Foster, marketing director for Adobe’s video technology platform Primetime, said: "Dynamic ad insertion into on-demand is fairly straightforward, but the challenge with live is that when there’s an ad break, there’s an audience of 1.5 million people all watching on different devices and when you cut to commercial break, you have to serve 1.5 million dynamically targeted ads or fall back to the broadcast ad."

Due to the success of this, NBC is now using dynamic ad insertion during both live and on-demand Premier League broadcasts, as well as golf and hockey.


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