Virgin Wines

Wine is made to be enjoyed, right? But here’s something we’ve noticed: it's not always that easy to choose a good bottle. Think restaurants with unfathomable lists, stores with walls of bottles, web sites with no real guidance…

Enter Virgin Wines. Our mission is to cut through this confusion, tell it straight and offer you great wines, without hassle. So, we sell handcrafted, international wines that are anything but dull — no mass-produced plonk, no overpriced names … just real wines, made by real people, usually in small quantities.

They’re selected for you by our ridiculously picky wine buyers, who fly around the globe and taste their way through 1,000s of wines to bring you the best. You can find and buy wine online — by the bottle, case or as part of our Explorers Club (gives you good, better, best value). Wines are shipped directly (and legally and conveniently) to your home or office door. There’s a legit 100% money-back guarantee on every bottle too.  

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