Salt Rock Surfwear

It all started back in the 80s, when two brothers travelling the world looking for waves arrived in London. They decided to get straight on a train to the sea, asking the man at the ticket office to "Take us to the nearest place there's surf."

They boarded a train bound for Cornwall and never looked back.

Angus and Ross loved the life in Cornwall but soon grew short of funds and decided to put their artistic talents to work. With a printing screen made from scraps they’d begged, borrowed and salvaged and a homemade blackout system from tape, nails and a Salvation Army rug they started printing original, surf-inspired designs on tshirts and selling them from the back of their Austin Allegro. They named their new brand Saltrock, after their favourite surf break back home in South Africa.


The designs took off. The look was so distinctive and original that the brothers soon gained a core following of south west surfers who became fiercely loyal to their style, and it wasn't long before they couldn't keep up with demand.

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