For years, our diverse team has specialized in collecting and analyzing data. We’ve developed data warehouses and data processes to unify and standardize data for large companies. Over the years, the retail world has continually discovered the power of understanding data. In our experience, it boils down to this: Companies want easy-access, standardized, searchable data. 
And there’s always a higher purpose for putting data in one place: our clients want insights that will make a difference in their decisions. They want to use their data to predict the future and safeguard the successes of the past.  
As we’ve watched our clients discover the power of data, their mindsets have changed, and so has ours. Their needs slowly shifted from just collecting and warehousing data, to visualizing it and using it to make better business decisions. We’ve been helping them do that for some time.

As our ability to standardize and visualize client data increased, we saw more and more companies getting interested in harnessing and leveraging the data they were collecting. Smaller companies with less experience in the market, and without dedicated marketing analysts and data scientists, were starting to pop up with questions about their data. Simpler questions, but questions that nevertheless required a great deal of thought. 

A big, sophisticated marketing department might pose a very practical, but complex question: “Our bidding optimizer isn’t showing ads for new customers! We think there’s something wrong with the CPC calculation engine, can you figure it out?” 

But younger companies need help with more essential dilemmas like, “Should we focus on revenue or profit?” Or, “What should we do to properly execute this overall strategy?” Data were increasingly available, but smaller companies weren’t yet sure how to use it. We began to see a need for our skills and experience in answering this essential questions for smaller, more dynamic companies.



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