QDOT is an independent ad tech business providing smarter campaign management for digital OOH at scale. The suite of platforms provide advertisers and agencies the tools to efficiently deliver, track and optimise campaigns with real-time, reactive messaging and scheduling capabilities.

QDOT offers some already well-established platforms including OpenLoop and FileDrive, which to date, have delivered over 1,600 campaigns across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. With offices in London and New York, QDOT is trusted by some of the world’s largest OOH media buyers including Talon, Kinetic, Outdoor Media Group, MediaCom and Rapport. QDOT’s four industry-established platforms are:

OpenLoop – Intelligent campaign management and ongoing optimisation of complete campaign messaging across networks from a single platform. OpenLoop enables advertisers and agencies to be more targeted and tactical with their digital OOH creative.

FileDrive – Web based workflow tool for the management and trafficking of Digital OOH campaigns. Dedicated to the quality assurance, distribution, and auditing of digital OOH creative that in turn accelerates the path from creative producers to media owners.   

PlayTrack – Offers independent third party verification of campaign play out for digital OOH, including interactions and other campaign specific metrics. Providing real-time campaign data and is exportable for campaign reporting.

SitePick – Allows planners to select, group & plan by specific attributes to build digital OOH campaigns. Offering the most comprehensive database of digital OOH screens, media owners and technology.

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