Nozzle is an eCommerce and media technology platform company with a mission to simplify the selling process on Amazon. We are a spinout of the world-renowned Computer Science department University College London (UCL), based in the UK.

The AI platform is designed to automate and maximize search and programmatic display advertising performance on Amazon. Uniquely, we aggregate disparate data sources within the Amazon ecosystem combining search, display, and retail datasets to give a holistic picture on an individual ASIN basis across both retail and ad metrics.The platform comprises 3 products:

  1.  Audit: We give you a granular report in minutes that looks back at the last 60 days of your Amazon Sponsored Product Ad campaigns and identifies both wasted spend and missed revenue opportunities for immediate impact on your campaign goals.
  2.  Activation: We offer a self-serve and managed campaign optimization and reporting service. Key benefits include the ability to continually optimize your activity towards total product sales or ad metrics (ACoS/RoAS). We create mass time savings (around 80%) through machine learning-based automation whilst giving you the transparency of the algorithms decisions via change logs and bid histories.
  3.  Analytics: We present all your retail and ad data in one dashboard specifically showing customer lifetime value, total sales broken into organic and ad sales, repeat purchase behaviour, market basket analysis (which products are bought together most frequently, what else is in the basket when someone buys your product, etc.), lightning and coupon deals analysis and a geographic breakdown of your sales.

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