NABS is here to improve the lives of those working in the world of advertising and media via the provision of help, advice and career guidance.

We believe that by supporting people through the good times and the bad we can make working life a bit easier in such a dynamic and volatile industry.

At NABS we understand that the pace of change is what makes the industry so exciting however this speed can sometimes lead to burn out, high rates of churn and stress. It can also mean that personal development and career planning take a back seat to client demands.

NABS is uniquely placed to offer an unbiased, independent resource, wholly focused on the changing needs of industry individuals at every life stage.

The NABS community is made up of creative agencies, media agencies and media owners, providing a 360° industry experience to all who call on NABS' services.

Alongside crisis grants, we offer a wide range of everyday services and fundraising events that provide the industry with fantastic networking platforms.

NABS is funded entirely by voluntary donations from the media and advertising industry it supports.

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.