MainAd is an advertising technology company that specialises in global display and retargeting ad campaigns.

The company’s flagship proprietary technology, ‘Logico’, utilises machine learning to extend the benefits of bespoke programmatic campaigns to brands, and when combined with the team’s tailored approach to campaign management offers improved performance.

Using its data-based expertise, MainAd amplifies advertising performance while delivering transparent and fair results. Founded in 2007, MainAd is a privately held company that services international brands across 80 markets, with offices in Pescara, Milan, London, Istanbul, Chile, Manila, Trivandrum and Bangalore.

The company holds membership for the IAB UK, as well as IAB Italy, where MainAd’s CSO, Michele Marzan sits on the board of directors. MainAd is committed to supporting humanitarian and social causes.

The company actively provides for projects in Mozambique and India through chosen charity Terre des Hommes and often backs entrepreneurial events local to MainAd’s HQ in Pescara, Italy.

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