Dubai-based flydubai strives to remove barriers to travel and enhance connectivity between different cultures across its ever-expanding network. Our agility and flexibility as a young airline has enhanced Dubai’s economic development, in line with the Government of Dubai’s vision, by creating trade and tourism flows in previously under-served markets. Since launching its operations in 2009, flydubai has: 

  • Created a network of more than 65 destinations, with 17 new routes launched in 2013. 

  • Opened up 46 new routes that did not previously have direct air links to Dubai or were not served by a UAE national carrier from Dubai. 

  • Built up a fleet of 36 aircraft, from its initial order of 50; due to be fulfilled by 2015. 

Our fleet of next-generation Boeing 737-800s consumes less fuel and omits less noise than most aircraft, making them among the most environmentally friendly aircraft in the sky. They help us make more than 1,100 flights a week. 


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