AdUnity is a pure-play publisher focused ad tech company headquartered in London with a development and support centre in Bucharest. AdUnity’s Unified Ad Platform serves around 4 billion of ads every month for large European media companies and agencies. The UAP consists of three different products, an ad exchange (AU-X), a sell-side platform (AU-SSP), and a trading desk (AU-ATD).

AdUnity offers quality publishers the opportunity to realise much more of the value that already exists in their inventory and we do this by optimising sales, reducing sales costs and being totally transparent in the work we do on the publisher’s behalf. The result is not only increased eCPM but also lower costs and less management and editorial time wasted. We offer publishers both ad platform technology as well as an ad sales capability.

AdUnity offers agencies a chance to maintain their special relationship with key publishers in the world of low-quality, commodity RTB markets. We provide agencies access to Private Market Places on the UAP and tools to target audiences via our Trading Desk.

Our mission is to help build an advertising industry that is totally transparent, ethical and people rather than consumer focused. We provide the technology for advertisers, agencies, publishers and Internet users to make the advertising industry work better.

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