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AdTonos is a programmatic audio advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. The marketplace offers multiple ad placements from well-known pre-rolls, through to mid-rolls and real-time ad replacement for live streaming. This provides advertisers with vast reach across digital audio channels, while radio stations, podcasts or music streaming services profit from the use of an effective tool that supports them in growing their revenues from online advertising.

AdTonos is the first company in the world to bring real-time interactivity to live radio with its Yours Truly technology created to deliver interactive audio ads. YoursTruly allows advertisers to dynamically insert interactive ads in live radio content and works on all Echo devices or any smart speakers that have Alexa enabled, on all Google Home devices or any smart speaker that has Google Assistant enabled, on all mobile phones with Android and Google Assistant turned on.  It also works on iPhones or android phones with an active Alexa app.

AdTonos is supported by the UK’s Department of International Trade, helping the company to scale globally, and is a member of IAB UK, IAB Europe and the European Association of Commercial Radios, which represents commercial radio at the European Parliament.

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