Founded in the UK, and with a global reach Admedo provides a unified and fully transparent Programmatic Marketing Platform to its customers, with all the tools in one UI at one cost.

The industry demands transparency and with Admedo, trust, honesty and customisation are at the heart of its operation. Admedo helps advertisers make independent decisions about the programmatic solutions they use, arming them with all the tools and insights to achieve their campaign goals at a fraction of the market rate cost.

The Admedo offering is enabled by the most advanced technology and can be used on a self-serve or fully managed service, providing advertisers with total customisation around their business. 

We’re proud to be supplying best-in-class programmatic marketing solutions for companies like Monster Worldwide, MotoDirect Digital, University of Derby, Hotcourses Group, Alexander Mann and more. For more information, visit

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.