We’re a company focussed on developing technology that works harder for brands and like many companies we started with a vision.

Back in 2007 our founders Sultan Khan and Shishu Bedi, understood that mobile devices would become the next big advertising platform. The sheer ubiquity of mobiles, the exponential growth of smart phones and the fact that consumers find them indispensable, all pointed to mobile being able to offer 24/7 brand engagement and unparalleled reach and targeting opportunities.

Advertising via mobile could connect brands and consumers more effectively than any other media, enabling timely, relevant and engaging conversations. Except that the complexity of mobile ad technology has threatened to hold the medium back.

When an advertising medium is in its infancy, technology providers tend to specialise in order to minimise risk. That’s what happened with online advertising and mobile has followed the same path. From DSPs, SSPs and exchanges, to optimisation systems or platform specific rich media formats; making sense of what’s on offer and pulling it together to create a successful mobile campaign has become a complex business.

And fragmentation can be a real barrier to entry.

Working at Netscape and AOL Sultan and Shishu saw the problem first hand and gained extensive experience of developing state of the art advertising yield management and campaign performance measurement systems. This experience inspired their decision to develop an ad technology that could maximise the potential of mobile.

The key was to enable brands and agencies to integrate every possible mobile format, creative treatment and engagement model into their marketing strategies. This integration would in turn power a real-time optimisation engine, combining every strand of campaign activity with all the possible attributes from individuals’ behaviour to media channel performance.

Oh and because Sultan and Shishu were used to doing things on a big scale, they decided it should be able to serve billions of ads, globally from word go.

Sultan and Shishu gave themselves time to develop their vision. Five years to be precise. They recruited the best ad-tech development brains in the world and put them to work alongside the brightest business strategists and kept listening to what clients and agencies had to say.

Based in Silicon Valley and London, AdMaxim is now the first truly integrated mobile advertising and marketing platform. Backed by AdStream, the global leader in digital advertising management services, and leading figures from the world of advertising and mobile telecom companies, we are transforming mobile marketing for a growing number of agencies and blue-chip brands.

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