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Where AI and Marketing Collide: 2024 CX Predictions


Consumer Behaviour Effectiveness Market Overview
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Five key emerging trends are identified in Acxiom's 2023 report that, supercharged by AI technologies, it predicts will transform the customer experience

Packed full of real-world case studies and in-depth insight from 200 brands and 2,000 consumers across the US and UK, the report provides an entirely new perspective on how far this AI transformation has already come.

In putting this report together, we wanted to tap into the experience, knowledge, ambitions, and concerns of brand marketers and their customers. We pinpointed five key trends that we expect to see developing in 2024 and then surveyed 200 businesses and 2,000 consumers across the US and UK to get their unique perspectives.

By Suzanne Smith, Associate Marketing Specialist

Acxiom UK

Acxiom partners with the world’s leading brands to create customer intelligence, enabling data-driven marketing experiences

Posted on: Tuesday 14 November 2023