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Unveiling the neuroscience of enhanced audio ads


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AdTonos' Amplifier study, conducted by Neurensics, proves that enhanced audio quality improves ad effectiveness, fostering emotional engagement and boosting ROI



AdTonos, in collaboration with Neurensics, has conducted a pioneering study using MRI scans to investigate how enhanced audio ads impact the human brain. The study analysed sound quality across popular digital audio devices like smart speakers, earbuds, TVs, laptops, and mobiles, introducing a novel approach to measuring audibility.

Results revealed that:

  • Enhanced audio quality in advertisements results in better response rates and evokes a strong emotional connection
  • Sound quality significantly impacts both the conscious and subconscious experience of the message delivered by the audio ad itself
  • Enhancing audio ad quality provides a foundation to improve campaign effectiveness and ROI

The Amplifier's technology dynamically adapts ad audio quality across various devices, ensuring optimal sound experiences and heightened engagement. 

Through MRI scans, it explored conscious and subconscious brain responses to ads, highlighting the Amplifier's effectiveness in enhancing emotional engagement. Enhanced audio ads consistently outperform non-enhanced ones regarding positive emotions, effectiveness, likability, and annoyance reduction.

Amplifier research redefines audibility metrics, emphasising its critical role in boosting campaign ROI. This comprehensive analysis, supported by scientific studies, underscores the significance of audio quality in advertising effectiveness. 

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By Katarzyna Bargielska, CMO & Co-Founder


AdTonos is an ad tech company and digital audio advertising platform that offers unparalleled solutions for advertisers to deliver targeted audio campaigns in podcasts, audiobooks, gaming, music, and radio streams globally while providing the best listener experience.

AdTonos is a member of IAB UK, IAB Europe, and the European Association of Commercial Radios, representing commercial radio in the European Parliament. The UK’s DIT supports the company.

Posted on: Wednesday 20 March 2024