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UKOM's Digital Market Overview for July 2022


Consumer Behaviour Contextual Targeting Market Overview
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Using UKOM approved data from Ipsos iris, which launched in 2021, the Digital Market Overview provides a quarterly top-line snapshot of the UK population’s online behaviour across PCs, tablets and smartphones

UK Online Measurement (UKOM) is the industry body that sets and governs the UK standard for online audience measurement across PCs, tablets and smartphones. UKOM endorses Ipsos iris as the exclusive provider of this industry standard data. 

The iris data reports audiences by device and demographic but can also be segmented by TV regions, Top 100 cities and towns, ethnicity, lifestyle statement, media consumption and also by ACORN and FRESCO financial segmentation. UKOM's Digital Market Overview gives a broad range of headline data for UK online audience behaviour. Findings from the July 2022 Digital Market Overview include: 

  • UK internet users spend on average 3hrs 32mins per day online - this is higher among younger audiences and women
  • Of all those who used the internet in July, 45% used a computer or laptop, 96% a smartphone and 23% a tablet device. Among those aged over 65, tablet reach was much higher at 34%
  • Smartphones drive up average time online in households with young children. Smartphone users without kids use their phones for 2.5 hours a day on average but among parents with children aged 0-5, this rises to over 3 hours
  • Unsurprisingly given the Women’s Euros final, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth games, the category which showed the biggest uplift between May and July was sports which increased its audience by over 2 million

Download the full report below for more insights. For more on UKOM, Ipsos and the iris methodology head to UKOM's website.  

By Julie Forey, Insight Director


UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM): Industry governed, multi-platform audience measurement in partnership with Ipsos. Launched at the start of 2021, Ipsos iris data is the UK standard for online audience measurement across PC, tablet and smartphone.

Posted on: Monday 14 November 2022