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What should you think about when you decide to include 'immersive content' in your marketing mix? Sue Lendrum, Marketing Manager at Virtuality Live, explains

The team at Virtuality Live have been growing awareness around 3D Interactive videos (3DIV) for some time now, but for marketers who are new to immersive media and want to take advantage of immersive engagement’s many benefits, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Pre-formatted ideas about costs and development issues associated with “immersive content” or “immersive activations” are many times very far from reality.

However, if you know the right questions to ask, 3DIV is definitely a reality that can strengthen a media plan for a budget of as little as £40,000. So, the truth is quite different from the agencies' and brands' notion that everything related to “immersive” content will empty your pockets before you can say digital activation.

So, what to do and what should you ask of when you want to include 'immersive content' in your marketing mix?

  • Step 1: Identify your goals
    Are you trying to achieve conversions or raise brand lift and awareness? This will inform the metrics you use to measure success. The good thing is that with 3DIV you can get not only regular interaction metrics but also behavioral ones and actually understand the factors behind your users' decisions. How does 3DIV fit into your overall media plan? How can it help you understand your audience? And how can it step up your campaign?
  • Step 2: Determine the right media budget
    For marketers who want to be sure that 3DIV is worth their while before investing too much, using a portion of your testing budget can tell you if it's is right for your brand. Let’s say you want to produce episodic or other regular content over time: £30,000 to £60,000 over three episodes is a good starting point. You can then analyse behavioral and interaction metrics and adjust your budgets from there.
  • Step 3: Understand the production realities and costs
    3DIV is a new technology and media format with many uses waiting to be uncovered. Understanding how much time and effort you’ll need relative to your brand goals and message is important. Engage with your agency and platforms early on to suss out these ideas and requirements. The earlier these conversations happen with the platforms and publishers, the better.
  • Step 4: Have a measurement and attribution plan
    How should you measure performance? This will depend on the goals that you determine at the onset of your campaign. Do you have the right amount of data? You will need to gather enough data points to make an objective assessment of the impact of 3DIV on your campaign. How do you define success? Like your measurement metrics, this will be tied to the goals defined at the beginning.

3DIV, developed by Virtuality Live, is a powerful canvas for new ways of storytelling, as it changes the way brands connect with audiences in deeper ways with richer experiences. Users are now in the driver’s seat as they become part of the experience in real-time and extend their vantage point. Your audience is already watching YouTube and Netflix - so they are ready to engage with 3DIV on their device. For them - it’s just a browser iframe with no download - all streamed on-demand.

For brands, it is important to consider how 3DIV can bolster marketing efforts to connect more meaningfully with consumers and provide a richer experience.

By Sue Lendrum, Marketing Manager

Virtuality Live

Virtuality Live helps create immersive & interactive experiences for measured growth and impact. Developers of arTron – an UNREAL ENGINE Virtual Production Editor –, Virtuality Live helps you deliver ‘3D Interactive Video’ to any user, device, location that is able to watch streamed videos. No VR goggles are required.

Posted on: Wednesday 8 September 2021