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The status of universal/extended IDs in Europe from bid data


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MAIDs and third-party cookies are on their way out, so what is the status of the various universal ID solutions? Roqad explores

We took a look at the auction data to find out what is happening with European universal IDs (also called "extended IDs," "shared IDs," or "salted hash email tokens") 

Here are some of our observations of ID volumes, players, types of deterministic data, and some possible explanations behind the trends.  

Graph A displays the top 5 European Universal IDs (by volume) observed in the bidstream  |  June – October 2022

Contents of the study: 

  • Graph A displays the top 5 European Universal IDs (by volume) observed in the bidstream  |  June – October 2022

  • Graph B shows the types of deterministic data tied to extended IDs observed in the European bidstream  |  June – October 2022

  • The top 5 IDs by volume are displayed in Graph A, and a list of the rest of the observed IDs is provided as well. 

  • A description of the 3 main types of IDs is included: partner and time stamp encrypted, partner specific encryption, and unencrypted IDs

Discussion of the data: 

  • Universal IDs are trending up and to the right, averaging a 23% increase. We expect the trend to continue. Why? 

  • The deterministic data set is clearly dominated by third-party cookies. Why? 

  • Which company/consortium is “winning” the ID race in Europe? 

Contextual info: 

  • Note that a Publisher can set 20 third-party cookies per page/per user if they like, and we would see them all in the bidstream

  • Mobile advertising identifiers are limited to one at a time


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By Joseph Cha, Marketing Director


Founded in 2016, Roqad is one of the last independent identity resolution companies, providing probabilistic modelling of users in both Europe and North America with two-way consented data. Roqad powers the most popular programmatic solutions by listening to multiple identifiers without relying on third-party cookies and IDFA.

Posted on: Friday 13 January 2023