How Brands are Avoiding Misinformation and Advertising Responsibly on News


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Event Overview

You're invited to NewsGuard's first results-from-the-field of brand safety webinar: "Advertising responsibly on news and avoiding misinformation".

Join us to learn how to keep your brand off of websites that make egregious false claims, lower your CPMs and boost responses at the same time that you support legitimate news and stop sending programmatic ads to propaganda sites.

This free webinar is not a grand “summit” full of flowery speeches and vague promises. You'll learn how advertising on high-quality news actually saves money and produces better results, and we'll share the nuts and bolts of real brand safety that empowers your CEOs and boards to fulfill their evolving CSR and ESG obligations while saving money.

You'll hear from:

  • Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide

  • Yale Cohen, EVP Global Digital Standards at Publicis Media

  • Terri Schriver, SVP, Brand Safety Executive, Bank of America

  • Richard Raddon, CEO and co-Founder, ZEFR

  • Gordon Crovitz, co-CEO of NewsGuard, former Wall Street Journal publisher

Attendees will learn:

  • How to maximize cost efficiencies, including how one campaign lowered effective CPMs by 9% and increased click-through rates by 123%.

  • Why there are huge gaps in protection offered by traditional brand safety verification companies, and how top companies, agencies and innovative brand-safety firms are now seeking to fix the problem.

  • Why so many advertisers (even the CDC!) continue to make poor advertising decisions that tarnish their reputations.

  • How to reach diverse communities as well as local audiences through inclusion lists that feature high-quality news and meet corporate social responsibility targets while delivering advertising with lower CPMs and better response rates.

Register to join us at no cost on Wednesday, September 22nd at 11am ET or to access a playback recording of the webinar.