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Climate Change & the Carbon Challenge

Green About Media Episode 2


Ad Tech Regulatory Affairs Sustainability
Ad Tech Regulatory Affairs Sustainability

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The idea of Climate Change is certainly nothing new to us in 2022. We know the impact it has on us and are now even starting to see the evidence in our day-to-day lives. But what impact can we have on it?

In this episode of Green About Media, ShowHeroes explore how we got to this point and how it's different from the other cycles of global warming that the planet has experienced. We also explore the different scopes that an organisation, or even an individual can use to measure their carbon emissions in order to better understand where changes can be implemented to create real change.

And we leave you with a question and invite you to record your answer and email it to us:

Think of a scope 3 emission in your personal/professional life, and something small you could change that would positively impact your emissions

What are the kinds of conversations are you having with people in your personal & professional life surrounding this topic?

Where have you noticed some of these emission reduction efforts in companies that you interact with?

By Grace Brecknock, Marketing Manager


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Posted on: Tuesday 10 January 2023