The Changing Face of Gaming – Reach and Diversity in the Gaming Market


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GameSpot commissioned a survey exploring the breadth of gamers to bust the myth of targeting males 18-34.

The continually growing range of products and platforms imply overall market growth. The range of games from PC, to console, to phone defies single categorisation. Over recent years gaming has seen steady growth in both male and female categories, especially in the 35+ age group. GameSpot has always endeavored to get a better understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of gaming consumers around the globe. In 2020 GameSpot commissioned Some Research via GameVision to carry out a one-off survey to get an even more granular view of gamers, taking their research to the next level.This unique survey focussed on gamers in the UK market. They monitored the extent of gaming amongst protected categories: Race, Religion, Sexuality, Gender Identification and Disability.


By Maddy Tomkins, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

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Posted on: Thursday 11 March 2021