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Change the game this World Cup with dynamic ads


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With the football World Cup kicking-off during the already busy Q4 advertising period, brands will be fiercely competing for consumer attention, meaning they will need to find innovative ways to cut through the noise. This is where dynamic audio should take centre stage, writes A Million Ads' Richard Williams

The football World Cup is set to be one of the most watched events of the year, with over 5 billion people predicted to be watching. And media agency Wavemaker, predicts the tournament will drive up to roughly $141 million in additional advertising revenue this winter. 

But with the games kicking-off during the already busy Q4 Christmas and Black Friday advertising period, brands will be fiercely competing for consumer attention and engagement, meaning they will need to find innovative ways to cut through the noise. And this is where dynamic audio should take centre stage.

The power of dynamic audio

Dynamic audio allows brands to easily keep up with the ever-changing advertising that will be needed this Q4. For example, they can talk about a football promotion one minute, Black Friday or Christmas the next, and then back to football - all served though one VAST tag. Changes and updates can also be made on an ongoing basis by simply re-recording dynamic lines, allowing for short-term promotions.  

It’s also possible to change an ad’s audio messaging as it plays so that it’s personalised to the listener and served in the most relevant and appropriate context, based on a series of data cues. This can include details such as a listener's location, their specific preferences, or the time and date. 

Examples of this in action could include: countdown timers to generate hype for a particular game, sharing live scores and betting odds, or food and drink related moments i.e beer and pizza night on a Saturday game night.

In addition, during the World Cup, it’s common for listeners to hear the same ads repeated over and over again. Through sequence and rotation, an ad can change each time a listener hears it so brands can ensure the messaging stays fresh, thus avoiding ad fatigue. For example, an electronics brand could highlight different product features of a new TV to watch the weekend’s game or a supermarket could rotate through product offers and price points such as a six pack of beer versus snacks. 

Pepper in 3D audio

We know sound has always been an important component within sport, from the chanting of crowds to the referee's whistle, it helps to create emotion and atmosphere. So, advertisers should be asking themselves, how can they incorporate relevant sounds into their campaigns?

3D audio, for example, is hugely exciting and uses a binaural head to make music and special effects sound as if the audio is in 3D, travelling from ear to ear using spatial elements. This is designed to replicate the environment for the listener and, as a result, listeners are able to feel the message as well as hear it, creating even more of an intimate, personalised experience. 

Further, this presents an array of opportunities for brands as they can add in further benefits, such as a dynamic audio to immerse listeners in a way that connects with their individual context in that moment. 

The technology in action

Coral worked with A Million Ads last year to promote its betting service for the Euro 2020 fixtures. Our solution was a dynamic audio ad with thousands of variations, using a live API integration to call out the tournament round, teams playing, kick off time and stadium as they happened. For example, in this ad, we promoted England’s quarter final match against Ukraine, calling out the time of kick off and location. Whilst in this ad, we promoted the final 16 game between Belgium and Portugal. 

The campaign was hugely successful, creating a 74.8% increase in purchase intent and a 22% increase in brand favourability.

Indeed, for the betting industry, dynamic audio could be a real game changer as odds and timelines are constantly changing and it allows the brand to communicate with its audience in real time. 

What are you waiting for?

Digital audio continues to grow at an exponential rate and brands should be utilising the latest innovations to supercharge their campaigns this quarter. And by doing so, brands can not only offer listeners unique and memorable experiences but also enable their brand to be the stand-out player in this World Cup. With kick-off fast approaching, are you ready?

By Richard Williams, Commercial Director

A Million Ads

A Million Ads uses data to create personalized advertising with more context and more relevance to better connect with people.

Posted on: Friday 4 November 2022