CCPA, CPRA, and Global Privacy Control: Moving Toward a More Private Web


(12:45 PM EDT)

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With internet usage at an all-time high, millions of consumers are creating and reinforcing habits and privacy expectations. Now, more than ever, companies are required to adapt to laws and tech standards that give consumers more control over their privacy.

The Global Privacy Control (GPC), a tech standard spearheaded by a group of privacy advocates, publishers, and browser makers to create a global setting in browsers, allows users to signal their opt-out preferences to websites. GPC is a milestone in the adoption and support of leading publishers, consent management platforms, and importantly, the California Attorney General, with their office emphasizing that GPC must be honored by companies when a consumer uses it as an opt-out of the sale of personal information.

Join Ashkan Soltani, an independent researcher who worked on drafting CCPA and CPRA, and Alex Cash, OneTrust PreferenceChoice Offering Lead, to learn how regulations, browsers, and CMPs are aligning to give consumers more control over their data.