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B2B (Business to business)

Describes the relationship or transactions between an organisation and other organisations, rather than business to consumer. 

B2C (Business to consumer)

Describes the relationship or transactions between an organisation and consumers rather than business to business.


The transmission rate of a communication line - usually measured in Kilobytes per second (Kbps). This relates to the amount of data that can be carried per second by an internet connection. See also Broadband.

Banner Ad

Also known as “display ads”, banner advertisements are a form of graphical ads embedded into a webpage, typically including a combination of static/animated images, text and/or video designed to convey a marketing message and/or cause the user to take an action. Banner dimensions are typically defined by width and height, represented in pixels.

Behavioural Targeting

A form of online marketing that uses advertising technology to target web users based on their previous behaviour. Advertising creative and content can be tailored to be of more relevance to a particular user by capturing their previous decision making behaviour e.g.filling out preferences or visiting certain areas of a site frequently.

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