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Cache Memory

Used to store web pages users have seen already. When users re-visit those pages they load more quickly because they come from the local cache and don't need to be downloaded over the internet again.

Cached pages

Taking a snapshot of each page visited as the web is crawled. These are stored and used as a backup if the original page is unavailable and to reduce server lag for the browser requesting the page.

Call to Action (CTA)

The primary action an advert encourages people to take e.g. how to opt-in, get a discount or buy something on the back of a digital advertising campaign. 


The time period in which a series of integrated advertising messages (that share a single idea and theme) are executed.


CAP (The Committees of Advertising Practice) writes and maintains the UK Advertising Codes for non-broadcast advertising, which is administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (an equivalent Committee (BCAP) fulfils the same role for broadcast advertising). The CAP Executive and Copy Advice teams also provide advice and guidance on how to create campaigns that comply with the rules. The IAB sites on CAP, representing digital advertising.

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