The UK Rich Communication Services (RCS) Workshop

Date: 18 October 2018

Time: 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Location: IAB Events and Education Space - 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF

It’s no exaggeration to say that Rich Communication Services (RCS) will revolutionise the way every brand communicates with their customers. RCS enables brands to engage customers with multi-dimensional richness not seen before in any single channel - utilising video, carousel images, AI, chat bots, dynamic content, and payment buttons - all within the same SMS chat session, to drive increased customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. RCS combines the incomparable open rate of SMS (after all, 90% of SMS’s are read with 3 minutes), with the responsiveness of an app. 

RCS is set to disrupt the omnichannel communications market, and early adopter brands are already seeing 20x higher engagement rates with RCS trials. What’s more, over 100 operators are already signed up to make sure that handset technology is RCS-enabled, and more are joining forces monthly. The barriers are gone, and now all brands need to understand is how to implement RCS. 

The UK RCS Workshop, a half-day event hosted by Mobilesquared, in partnership with the IAB UK and the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, sets out to do just that. Mobilesquared has put together an insight-packed programme, designed to help advertisers and their agencies get to grips with the magnitude of the RCS opportunity, and explore how early-adopter brands across all sectors are already leveraging the channel to increase customer engagement. The agenda will include market overview presentations, enterprise brand case studies covering multiple sectors, roundtable breakout sessions with RCS experts, and ample opportunity for Q&A and networking. 

Advertisers and agencies will leave with an in-depth understanding of why RCS should be considered as a key part of their omnichannel marcomms vs alternative channels, what the current UK RCS consumer user base is and how much this is expected to grow over the next five years (based on Mobilesquared’s forecasts, recognised as the mobile industry gold-standard), and a practical overview on how to design and deploy a strategic RCS strategy. 

This event is FREE TO ATTEND to IAB UK advertiser and agency members. Please email to register your interest, and receive more details.

UK Rich Communications WorkshopUK Rich Communications Workshop

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