Masculinity in the Workplace: Presented by HeANDshe and Token Man

When: Monday 19th November 2018: 17:00 – 19:30
Where: Havas UK, The HKX Building, 3 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG

On International Men's Day we are instigating a conversation about masculinity in the workplace. Masculinity is in the news - but for the wrong reasons. Stress and mental health issues are on the rise while unconscious bias means it is harder for men to ‘lean in’ at home. Yet our constructs around masculinity mean that it is sometimes hard for men to ask for the support they need.

Perhaps it's time for masculinity to evolve. How can the workplace be a microcosm for the change we want to see in the world? How do we create a more modern, inclusive and open workplace culture that works for men, women and everyone? And what have people already done to create positive change in the workplace?

Join us for an evening of meaningful conversation including:

  • An introduction from HeANDshe and Token Man

  • Guest speaker Jordan Stephens from former Hip Hop duo Rizzle Kicks talks about his own journey

    towards a more positive masculinity and why society currently gets it wrong

  • Panel discussion looking at how to create positive change in the workplace

  • An interactive audience ‘hack’ session to help identify opportunities for personal change

As a valued Supporter of the event, our members can receive a 10% discount on their tickets by booking here

Masculinity in the workplace

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