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The IAB’s latest adspend figures showed that the video market, in H1 2017, was worth a whopping £699 million - a rise of 45.6% year on year. Online video has firmly established itself as the ultimate story telling medium, but in 2018 what key trends should marketers be focusing on to connect with their audiences and get ahead of the curve? In this seminar expect to hear from industry experts, sourced from the IAB’s Video Steering Group, all about the hot video topics – expect to hear about creativity, VR, AR, measurement and everything in between!

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Video Trends
Video trends



2:00pm - 2:05pm

2:05pm - 2:15pm

A quick overview from UKOM, the industry standard for online audience measurement, of the latest headlines for UK online video viewing and some insight into audience engagement with TV broadcaster apps on smartphone and tablet.

Latest Video Advertising in the UK
2:15pm - 2:35pm

The evolution of digital advertising has created a vast array of new opportunities for reaching audiences, through highly interactive video formats. This session will explore the latest trends in video advertising in the UK and will offer key tips and tricks that will help marketers take full advantage of the opportunity to strategically plan and buy video advertising across platforms and build brand equity through interactive online videos.

Emma Jane Grey & Ian Forrester,

comScore & Unruly
What even is Video?
2:35pm - 2:55pm

A lot has changed since the launch of YouTube in 2005 - the way we watch video has changed so much from device, to physical location, to the content itself. Social platforms have introduced us to memes, gifs and 2 second video – a world away from TV. So, does the way we think about video itself need to change too? Video is an extremely powerful format for advertisers, delivering emotional messaging as well as ROI - so understanding what it is, and what it isn’t, is vital to delivering better work as it evolves. MediaCom will talk about how viewing has changed and what impact this can have on delivering effective video campaigns.

Tim Lawrence,
Digital Strategy Director,
The B2B Video Report 2018
2:55pm - 3:15pm

LinkedIn has commissioned bespoke research to uncover trends and insights around video advertising from the perspective of B2B marketers in the UK and Ireland.
This research reveals how B2B marketers are using video to meet their objectives, how video sits alongside other forms of content marketing,  video content types, tone of voice, video budgets and much more. 

Fiona Gallagher,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Using Twitter Video to reach Sports fans around the world
3:15pm - 3:35pm

Join two of Twitter UK's Sport Partnership Managers as they explore how broadcasters, leagues, teams and brands are using video on Twitter to connect fans to the sports they love. This session will touch on live streaming, in-the-moment video content and how the latest video trends are evolving on Twitter.

Bruna Zanin & Elizabeth Stranges,
Sport Partnerships,
3:35pm - 3:50pm

The Rise of Short Form Video
3:50pm - 4:10pm

Our digital consumption habits have led to shorter attention spans and the rise of short form video has addressed this challenge, by serving consumers ads typically 6 seconds in length. Our presentation will focus on the benefits of short form video and best practices you need to consider via video examples.

Ed Fanning,
Director of Product,
Sound On vs Sound off in Online Video
4:10pm - 4:30pm

Teads have run a study, reviewing the impact that audio has on the effectiveness of video advertising.  Hear about the results and our top tips for how you should adjust your online creative so that, however someone views your ad, the message isn't lost.

Caroline Hugonenc,
VP Research,
Advertising in the living room – the new frontier
4:30pm - 4:50pm

TV has never been so popular but viewing is becoming fragmented with a growing numbers watching ‘on demand’ (VOD) or live- streamed over-the-top, OTT.
SpotX commissioned the first research into the advertising revenues generated on connected TV viewing in the UK, and how this compares with the rest of Europe.  Ian Harman, Head of Demand for the UK and Southern Europe at SpotX, will outline the findings of this research and explain what this means for digital marketers and agencies now, and in the coming years.

Ian Harman,
Head of Demand for the UK and Southern ,
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Caroline Hugonenc, Teads
Caroline Hugonenc
Ed Fanning, Xaxis
Ed Fanning
Elizabeth Stranges, Twitter
Elizabeth Stranges
Emma Jane Grey, comScore
Emma Jane Grey
Ian Dowds, UKOM
Ian Dowds
Ian Forrester, Unruly
Ian Forrester
Ian Harman, SpotX
Ian Harman
Tim Lawrence, Mediacom
Tim Lawrence

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