Programmatic Trends 2018


Digital has changed the way we advertise. It has made it more automated, and the figures back this up. Programmatic advertising has now grown to make up 80% of all digital display advertising and that has been forecasted to increase to up to 95% of display ad spend in 2020. (Source: IAB / PwC 2017 Digital Adspend Study.
Programmatic advertising has, and continues to, completely transform the advertising space with constant developments in technology. Not only that, it is necessary. This seminar will cover the trends we are seeing in programmatic, what works, how it works, what needs to be considered when putting together a strategy, and the direction we expect this fascinating topic to go in the future.

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Introduction & Housekeeping
14:00 - 14:05

Digital Measurement in the Programmatic World
14:05 - 14:25

Programmatic is here to stay but how will it evolve to cope with new regulations and growing industry concerns around privacy, targeting accuracy and transparency? How can we maximise the potential of programmatic with insights gained from audience measurement?
This session will help you find out more around the state of the industry, the available measurement solutions and how you can best leverage data and technology to navigate this new landscape to reach your consumers.

Mike Shaw & Ross Davies,
VP EMEA & Sales Director,
ComScore & DataXu
Switching onto connected TV -what value can ad-supported content offer media owners, consumers and advertisers?
14:25 - 14:45

TV as we know it will be on demand and ad funded. There’ll be far fewer ads, individually tailored to a household or viewer. But how can we find a consistent way to define value for the ad industry players, without compromising the premium user experience viewers demand?

Andrew Williams,
The Trade Desk
What’s Next for Programmatic? The Path Towards Identity
14:45 - 15:05

By and large, leading ad tech companies throughout the open web are adopting a common identity framework as a way of levelling the playing field against the walled gardens. Open identifiers are enabling audience-based targeting at scale, ultimately creating efficiencies that will allow publishers to claim their fair share of user-targeted ad buys. In this session, Richard Nicolson — Head of Demand, UK and Northern Europe at Index Exchange — will dive into the 'hows' and 'whys' behind identity, tackling why ad tech groups should set their sights on identity and how it will ultimately lead to a cleaner, clearer, and fairer advertising ecosystem in the future.

Richard Nicolson,
Head of Demand, UK & Northern Europe,
Index Exchange
15:05 - 15:15

Are we bringing out of home to programmatic or programmatic to out of home?
15:15 - 15:35

Discussing the media trends which are bringing programmatic trading to DOOH and how digital media buyers can leverage this data and technology to create greater advertising campaign outcomes.

Sue Hunt,
Tricks of the Trade: Holiday Edition
15:35 - 15:15

Want to make the most of your programmatic budgets during this holiday season? 
Leverage IAS insights on viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud to optimise your campaigns for success and drive sales during this crucial time of the year.

Clementina Piazza,
Programmatic Director,
EMEA, Intergral Ad Science
The Rise of Mobile Networks Driving Programmatic Buying
15:55 - 16:15

As mobile programmatic spend has grown across brands and agencies, so too has it grown across mobile ad networks. This increase is set to surge again next year, but how will this impact the digital landscape?  

Sam Freeman,
Senior Programmatic Manager,
M&C Saatchi Performance




Mike Shaw, comScore
Mike Shaw
Ross Davies, comScore
Ross Davies
Richard Nicolson, Index Exchange
Richard Nicolson
Index Exchange
Sue Hunt, VIOOH
Sue Hunt
Clementina Piazza, Integral Ad Science
Clementina Piazza
Integral Ad Science
Sam Freeman, M&C Saatchi Performance
Sam Freeman
M&C Saatchi Performance

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