Programmatic Essentials Course February 2019


The digital display market has been rapidly ‘going Programmatic’ and soon, this will also affect traditional media channels (OOH, TV, Radio).

This course is for those in sales who need to know more about what they are up against when they start to hear from their agencies that spend will no longer come their way ‘because it has all gone Programmatic’ or ‘has all gone to the internal Trading Desk’; or alternatively those who need to be aware of what the changes might mean for their businesses, and what they can do about it.

Registration is from 9:00am with the course starting at 9:30am.

IAB UK Events and Education Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
IAB Members: £499.00 + VAT
Agency: £499.00 + VAT
Advertiser: £499.00 + VAT
IAB Non-members: £575.00 + VAT


What will be covered

Things that will be covered:

  • How did we get here - a brief history of advertising (creative and media, why media planning relies on using certain titles as a proxy for audiences)

  • The history of online display, ad networks, and their evolution into Programmatic and audience buying
  • How does Programmatic work (i.e. how does an ad get served), what is involved, and who the key players are - glossary of terms/acronyms and explanation of what/who they are - agencies, DSP networks, DMPs, SSPs, DSPs, CV Tools
  • Where display sits versus other digital media (search, social, affiliate, mobile); and where digital sits versus traditional media opportunities 
  • The importance of data
  • An introduction to the areas of - Fraud, Viewability, Dynamic Creative Optimisation, Cross Device targeting, Brand Safety and more!
  • What might the future hold - programmatic for out of home; programmatic for radio; programmatic for TV
  • What is the role of the agency, will advertisers take this in-house, what is the sales person of the future

CPD Category:  Digital integration
Duration: 6 hours

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