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One of the IAB’s objectives is to prepare businesses for the future.

With this in mind, digital innovation is something we like to talk about…a lot! This seminar, shaped by the IAB’s Industry Groups, will give an under the bonnet look at innovation across the different digital channels. You’ll come away feeling inspired, energised, and ready to innovate in your business.

IAB UK Events and Training Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Innovation seminar

Our inspiring speakers

Heather Andrew
Heather Andrew
Lauren Bigland
Lauren Bigland
Mathew Canner
Mathew Canner
Starcom / Performics
Claire Elsworth
Claire Elsworth
Abigail Morrish
Abigail Morrish
Jeremy Pounder
Jeremy Pounder
Ben Walmsley
Ben Walmsley
News UK

Draft Agenda

Registration and Coffee
8:30 - 9:00am

Introdution and Housekeeping
9:00 - 9:15am

The cultural impact of 2019's technological trends and what this means for brands
9:15 - 9:35am

Technology and culture are the soulmates of modern civilisation; progression of one is fuelled by the other. The invention of the printing press paved the way for information culture as we know it today by bringing the written word - and thus education - to the masses. And then the iPhone turned us all into attention-deficient goldfish by pummelling us with more information and more messages than ever before.

At Initiative, we believe that culture is a brand's bridge to relevance - far more important than the reach game most media agencies play. We've taken a long, hard look at the state of culture in the UK right now, and we'll use our findings to talk about what that means for technology, innovation and brands next year, and beyond.

Claire Elsworth,
Innovation Director,
Let's Get Personal
9:35 - 9:55am

As we head towards 2019 and the first anniversary of GDPR, data and especially how marketer’s use it is still under scrutiny.   

To find out more, LoopMe & Sapio Research surveyed 400 marketers in the US and UK to understand their attitudes towards data and personalisation.

Lauren Bigland ,
Global Marketing and Communications Director,
Switching on Connected TV
9:55 - 10:15am

Advertisers need to rethink their strategies and rely more on technology in order to reach their audience. Connected TV presents new and fascinating opportunities to advertisers and media owners, with greater data and targeting capabilities than ever before.

Andrew Williams ,
Account Director ,
The Trade Desk
The rise of the virtual influencer
10:15 - 10:35am

Lil Miquela is the first ever virtual, or AI, influencer, a computer-generated image (CGI), designed and controlled by anonymous creators. Lil Miquela has also been featured on the cover of magazines, has had a top 10 single on Spotify and champions a variety of causes, such as transgender issues and Black Lives Matter. Despite not being a real person, Miquela has massive influence and power over her millions of followers and was even included in Time’s ‘25 Most Influential People on the Internet’. This session will look at the new trend of AI influencers and what this means for the future of social media marketing.

Abi Morrish ,
Chief Partnerships Officer ,
10:35 - 10:50am

Taking Search From Kick Off To Full Time
10:50 - 11:10am
Mathew Canner ,
Associate Director ,
Starcom / Performics
Alexa or Alex? Our Subconscious Response to the Gender of Voice Assistants
11:10 - 11:30am

The session will explore how the gender of a voice assistant can shape our subconscious responses, based on brand new neuroscience research conducted by Mindshare and Neuro-Insight, which builds on the IAB’s ‘Find Your Voice’ study.

The research explores the impact of age and gender on our subconscious responses to both male and female voice assistants

Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director ,
Mindshare & Heather Andrew,
UK CEO, Neuro Insight
The Power of Emotions - Using new sources of data to target users based on their opinions and emotions
11:30 - 11:50

Emotions are the most powerful weapon in the advertising armoury, changing behaviours and driving purchase choices. News media is uniquely positioned to inspire emotion in its readers – the engagement and trust between brand and media create a powerful context for emotional advertising.

Based on research conducted with Dr Dario Krpan from the London School of Economics, Ben Walmsley will look to discuss the impact of emotions on advertising behaviour.

Ben Walmsley ,
Digital Commerical Director ,
News Uk

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